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the Draught Beer

The compact DraughtMaster system uses compression rather than CO2 to keep beer fresh for longer, reduce wastage and improve the profitability of your business.

How does it Work?


Compressed air is pumped into the pressure chamber.

By not adding CO2, your costs are reduced, there is less maintenance and nothing comes into contact with the beer, keeping it pure.


The keg is squeezed and fresh beer is pressed out.

DraughtMaster’s closed system increases freshness from under a week to over a month when compared with steel kegs.


Beer is pushed through the tap to create the perfect beer.

With flexible, semi-automatic line cleaning and recyclable one-way kegs, DraughtMaster keeps the beer fresh and your operation simple.

Why DraughtMaster

Brands Available


National Customer Savings*

40 %

Saving on wastage

100 %

Saving on gas

+ 28 %

Beer sales when converted from Packaged to Draught


Trucks per week taken off the road

*Source: All data provided by National DraughtMaster Anonymous Customer on 26th October ‘23 from Installs 3 months post June ‘23

Sustainability is at our core

  • When comparing glass bottles and DraughtMaster kegs in UK – the carbon footprint of one way glass bottles is around 7 times higher* than a DraughtMaster keg.

  • Next Generation in Sustainability
    Reduced Plastic Waste
    Reduced Carbon Footprint