The Next Generation of Ale

Cask Ale is a proud & important part of British pub culture

Cask Ale is not only considered a “sign of a good pub” and “what makes a pub special,” but the conviction exists that customers would be disappointed and visit less often if Cask Ale were removed, potentially leading them to go elsewhere.

But Cask Ale Is challenged…

In order to sell through Cask Ale within the three-day shelf life you must sell 24 pints a day for every hand pull. Only 24% of outlets can achieve this and merely 6% of outlets have enough throughput for 2 hand pulls

Say Hello to Fresh Ale

14-Day Shelf-Life Ale

Proven quality & consistency with minimal waste

Great Tasting From The First Sip To Last Drop

Full Bodied & delicious just like Cask Ale

Traditional & Authentic Experience

All-important hand pull theatre & serve

Easy To Keep & Easy To Install

No conditioning or specialist cellar equipment

Benefits of Fresh Ale

This next-generation system provides a number of benefits over the traditional set-up, reducing your costs and complexity whilst providing a perfect pint, every time.

  • Delight your customers with quality & choice
  • Perfect pint, every time, with authentic theatre of serve
  • All the taste, none of the waste
  • No special conditioning or cleaning
  • Money back in your pocket!


Launching 3 core beers - Wainwright Gold, Wainwright Amber and Hobgoblin IPA. We expect to make more brands available in a short time frame following the launch in March.

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